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Version: 0.6.3


Makes a SIP connection with the specified provider. From this connection it consumes a remote RTP stream with G711 A-law audio and publishes through this connection all audio tracks from the Room.

Read more about SIP here.



  • The specified SIP provider needs to support G711 A-law as it will be a format in which audio from SIP Endpoint will be published.

Configuration options


  • registrarCredentials (object) - registrar credentials which allows to make a connection with a SIP provider. For the exact credential structure see Configuration API.

Env variables

  • FJ_COMPONENTS_USED - has to contain sip if SIP components will be used.
    By default set to an empty string (SIP components are disabled).
    Refer here for more info.

  • FJ_SIP_IP - the IP address on which SIP server will listen. It must be a public IP and reachable from the outside network.